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We are your rice sourcing and branding partner that connects like-minded buyers and suppliers and helps meet their demands by acting as an intermediary between the two. We pride ourselves as the industry leaders in bulk rice sourcing, branding, packaging, and PAN India Networking of both Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice in India. We provide you with true and reliable market insights about live rice pricing, rice quotes, and offer a 360-degree outlook on all your rice needs.


Our mission is to create a reliable and trust worthy environment for both buyers and sellers by providing them exceptional services in the field of bulk rice sourcing and branding.

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Our story originated from the year 1942 when our earliest family generation arrived in Amritsar, India with a vision to mark a strong business presence in the rice industry.


Three generations later, Mr. Mani Ram Goverdhan Das initiated this remarkable journey when he established the company in the year 1942 and introduced rice labeling for Double Sher Basmati Rice Brand in Punjab.


The company transformed into the Shree Nath Ji Trading Company (SNTC). SNTC bridged the gap between the buyer and supplier and created a stronghold in the industry. SNTC provided a buying platform via distribution channels. Three decades later the legacy was taken forward by Mr.Nand Kishore.


Domestic basmati Rice brands namely Pari, 817, Sadhu, Camel, Flying Horse, Double Bull, Dawat, Kohinoor, Shehanshah were introduced. Soon after, sons of Mr.Nand Kishore joined- Mr. Sanjay Bajaj and Mr.Akshay Bajaj to continue their family’s heritage. SNTC created a strong network community originating in Punjab that connected the buyers and suppliers


SNTC launched its third branch office in Mumbai for the marketing, distribution and bulk sourcing of rice. SNTC initiated bulk rice and wheat sourcing for Adani Group. SNTC grew its networking and ensured a transparent and trust worthy rice market outlook for both buyers and suppliers.


SNTC transformed into Shree Nath Ji Trade Expo Pvt. Ltd. SNTC started offering extensive services to both buyers and suppliers along with professional assistance.


Mr.Rijul Bajaj joined in as the 4th generation to diversify the business into rice branding.


SNTC extended its services by providing branding and packaging services.


SNTC launched its first live pricing app, providing true market insights on rice pricing, sourcing, and branding for both Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice.